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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 31, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we begin tonight about the raging california wild fires. the loss angeles county fire department says these people refused to evacuate are now trapped in a canyon. it is too dangerous to rescue them. two firefighters have already been killed battling these fires. 12,000 structures are being threatened tonight and there are mandatory evacuation issue. six other wild fires are also burning in california tonight. tonight, the health-care debate goes on without senator kennedy. should his memory be used to move the vote in congress? we relied on capitol hill with a look on that story. >> that is something being pondered here on the hill. in the meantime, the president is back from martha's vineyard. there is a cloud hanging over him, it seems, wherever he goes.
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you can call it a vacation, but it cannot be easy when the health-care plan is hitting such major roadblocks. those rowdy town hall meetings, the responses of tv ads. >> spence -- special interest research ring to block progress. >> and now been "do it for the gipper motto" is back. >> we're trying to figure out how we can have an open discussion. >> some real pressure to get a plan passed for ted kennedy. >> it is a nice gesture, but i do not think it is the right answer. >> they have been a -- unable to get affordable insurance since leaving the military. >> it was no problem.
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now, i cannot afford it. >> is there an end in sight? >> i think people are disappointed this has taken so long. >> the white house was grilled today by reporters asking where the president is in all of this. could he be working with republicans more or pushing harder for some sort of consensus? >> describing the president's role as an active would be inaccurate. -- as inacve is inaccurate. >> he is committed to wking with anyone who is committed to health care. he now continues to blame the gop. they're stepping away from a bipartisan agreement. meanwhile, massachusetts lawmakers want input from the public on whether the governor should appoint a replacement for kennedy's senate seat. this dictates a spectral
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collection -- a special election. a public hearing on the issue will be held on september 9th. former vice president and cheney -- cheney, col the democrats' soft on national security. -- called the democrats' soft on national security. the white house fired back saying he has his facts wrong. some republicans are arguing obama is not a straightforward when he says he does not favor prosecution. >> your the commander in chief. your the principal law enforcer of the century. if you do not want it done, it does not happen. >> some republicans are rallying saying they were following orders. revision of bush era policies are necessar grade just two weeks after being released from
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the hospital, he is a death of a dying man. he bombed the panam flight in 1988. he was released early. a deal has been released for the flight 193 crash. they have pushed for a permanent memorial at the site. federal officials threatened to bring eminent domain proceedings against the land owners. a ribbon cutting is set for the timber 11th. -- 9/11. immemorial set up in the dupont circle is now gone. t up i conctneicic anue. we are live with the details. >> here is where the memorial
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was. it is gone now. the bike riders association and the city met today about what went wrong. friends and family are upset is gone and will like the memorial back. this is the ghost bike that is that a -- at the center of controversy. >> i cannot understand why the mayor's office did not have the courage to even mention to the family that they were taking it down. lju last july, it has been on connecticut as a memorial for him a man -- for someone who was hit by a garbage truck. >> it is a tribute to people who ride bicycles. >> the group behind the memorial and said they were told by the city it had to go on thursday because of complaints from nearby businesses. >> we asked for additional time and we were told we would have
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until monday to do so. >> the memorial was gone on friday before anyone told her family. they put up the small memorial and over the weekend asking the mayor why he took it. now, that too has been taken down. >> we did ask for the mayor to put it back. but it back until an improvement is made, then we will talk precooks there is no consolation for any member of the family. the hope has beecruelly dashed by the mayor's office. >> and now the mayor's communications director promised as early as today she would provide a statement from the city as to why the memorial was taken down anwhy there was no notification made to the family. that has not happened. we have not received a statement. while we were talking to her about the statement, we were
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still -- she indicated there was a misfortune and miscommunication between the city and the bankers association on the timing. obviously, the family would like it put back. abc 7 news. maryland is offering a two month amnesty for people who owe the state back taxes. anyone who owes back taxes can pay them without any penalties and half of the interest due. the amnesty period runs until october 30th. the lifetime amnesty. is more than a $39 million. georgetown is on alert after a man climbed in bed with a sleeping woman. blagojevich is making claims about a member of the and obama -- the obama administration.
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now we have unseasonably cool weather to discuss. how much longer will thus remain? we will do your forecastca
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first 10 university students are starting the school year with news of another sexual assault that happened yesterday morning he lay down next to the
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woman, she woke up, and screamed. the pattern is similar to maybe one dozen others and they suspect the same man is responsible preyed on young women in the area are urged to keep their doors locked. two masked teenagers robbed a woman. she pulled into the bank of america atm. they approached her with a fake gun. she gave them money and herself on. big construction work starts tonight on interstate 95 in fairfax and prince william counties. this is part of an expansion project. at the work starts in 9:30 p.m. and will continue overnight. there will be multiple lane closures. the construction is scheduled to be finished by fall 2011. that is a long time. the integrys hope this
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thesis will come back to haunt them. the republican rout the paperback in 1989 as a part of his master's. he talks about protecting heterosexual family lines. in recent polls, he has a strong lead over a democrat. next, a new book that point at a member of the obama administration. for the damage is going to stick around? favre play tonight, but does he have a broken rib? who will be the redskins' quarterback, i have the update on that as well. atatth 6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m
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the search for links to unsolved -- to solve crimes and a man of kidnapping and little girl in hiding her for 18 years.
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they have pleaded not guilty. she was found last week. this couple buried in the 1880's are missing. the were buried on their farm. ffeicor instocod ha be relocated in 96 6 to make room ffor interstate 95. recently, coffins poreup sd up n or fof bfi inuiceldor f office . they canno find the couple's marein the virginia department of transportation nor the funeral home have records of the first move. blagojevich says rahm emmanuel wanted to win back the seat in 2010. he left his seat to join the obama administration. his spokesperson said the claims
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were not true. we have had a lovely day. >> the good weather here for the holidays. we have a very picturesque evening. these are low clouds that will not amount to anything. tabriz will fall quickly tonight. let's make a couple stops. they had a high of 75. upon there is apo northerly bree a 5 miles per hour. reagan national, washington officials a record location for weather, had 76 and 64 tempters
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for today. 1953 was the record high with 100 degrees. clause will decrease over the next few hours. by early tomorrow morning, many parts of the area will be in the low 50's. west of here might see some temperatures in the low 40's. there is a stationary front to separate the very cool, dry air from the customary late summer weather just to the south. we are seeing clouds and showers. on the satellite image, much clearer skies. to keep the system down there, it appears that it will stay down there for a while. this winter's day and friday, there is an indication of low pressure forming. that could bring the cloud cover back on friday and the possibility for some storms. we will keep an eye on that.
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-- it is just too early to pull the trigger for the weather on the holiday weekend. very nice weather while at the rain and heavy clouds remained to the south. there is a tropical pressure center. we will keep an eye on that to see if it develops into a depression. the first day of october, the first day of a meteorological autumn the to mergers will be in the 50's. for the next seven days, a lot of sunshine through thursday. possibly on friday, we could see clouds and showers on friday. on the outlook, it looks fairly comfortable and sunn but, things could change. >> for the better, of course. are you feeling better about what you saw friday night? >> offense in, we still had some
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problems. -- offensively. injuries are becoming a concern. guys were still watching practice and standing out of the way today. the main concern happens to be carlos rodgers. missed nine games last year with a knee problem. it is a concern for the defensive coordinator. >> i am hoping this is not sending that nags we have to deal with all year long. i think carlos is back from the knee. he played as well as any corner in the league. >> meanwhile, all teams have to be down to 53 guys. everyone is watching the battle of the quarterbacks. if you look at their stats, it is no contest. brennan has 33 interceptions and has a rating of only 35%. >> some of the things he did in the game more outstanding.
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the touchdown pass was outstanding. the week before, chase had the same types of place. it is a mixed bag for both of them. >> it is a big situation if you are a starter and you're back up those down. it means a lot to fans. i'm not worrying about that and just putting myself on the field. you just want to put yourself on the field and have a good feeling about yourself. >> chase daniel. the vikings play houston tonight. he told announcers that he may have a cracked rib. an official diagnosis, but he is in pain and having trouble breathing. he will place an and will not wear a vest. tom bray says he is still sore from the game friday night. -- tom brady. he says his arm is still sore
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but expects to get some snaps in their last preseason game. the michigan coach is the defending himself after concerns that he worked the team more than he said he was supposed to. >> to say that is misleading. it is inaccurate. it goes against everything that i have ever believed in. nationals play tonight. it winds and light gives them a winning cord for the month and that is huge. federer about a lopsided win today. he dominated the tempo, overpowering him in a straight set.
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his streak is now to 35 matches. >> chase or cole? >> cole. >> chase. i am on the record now. republican challenges across the cpany have found new publications for town hall meetings. >> given intense voter interest, media coverage, and the opportunity to upstage, gop candidates are holding their o town hall meetings in reveling in the media coverage. democrats have opted against holdingi teri bgg tow bn eri
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that is the sound of the world's largest and marriott to band. -- mariachi band. in rep of the guinness book of world records was on hand to witness the achievement read it the old record was 520 members. it looks like cool weather will continue. friday could change a bit with
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an approaching storm system breeds the weekend looks good. it is many days away, we will see what happens. we
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